Fix problems of the Dell laptop 

Here is the description
of some Dell problem with their solution. Sometime our laptops make scared by
bringing issues. 

Computer is not working

Common problem with
dell is that it is not starting
 to resolve this issue you need to check all the
cables is working well or not if not then plugged in and switch it on. Now
check the monitor either it is turned on or not or it is connected to the
laptop or not. Change the fuse cable and make sure that extension is working
well or not. If the socket is not working properly then try another one.


Sound problem of the computer

It is really
frustrating when you open your laptop to see movie and your Dell laptop has no
sound. To fix this problem you need to check the volume is either turned up or
not, after that make sure to yourself that your speaker are correctly plugged
in or not. Sometime it happen that plug will not work because of wrong port
connection of the plug. If you have any suspension regarding your speakers then
plug your earphone to see that they are working or not, At last check that the
task-bar sound is mute or not.


Black or blank monitor screen

Blank or black screen
monitor screen appear when you start your laptop and no input message appear at
screen. If the screens appear black or blank then first check that monitor is
correctly connected to a power or not. If it is not securely connected to the
laptop or the connection is looses then some dell laptop do not function, then
in that condition just switch it on and your screen work normally again.


but won’t launch

Sometime it happen that
laptop windows won’t start then on that condition press f8 during start up
process. If it does not fix it than problem might be software related. To scan
a virus run malware on your laptop or you can use the restore systems, which enable
you to restore data from previous data. Your laptop will be ok but you may
lost, your recent unsaved work.


Slow internet

Sometime is frustrating
for us, when you have some urgent work and your internet speed is too slow on
that time simply reboot your router, it means that unplug the switch of router
for few minutes then again plug it or you can also check if you want to check
the malware or spyware infection.


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