Canon camera is one of the best cameras available in the market. It is best in features, design, technology, etc. It has a huge demand in the market.
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Just like other cameras, it requires a memory card to store the data. Some user’s complaints about the error codes about the memory cards that appear on the screen.
This article will summarize some common error codes of memory cards with their solutions.
ERR 02- This error code simply indicates that camera is not able to read the memory card. To solve this problem simply remove the memory card and insert it again after some time. If this doesn’t work, format the memory card.
ERR 03- This error code appears just because of too many folders in a memory card. To solve this problem simply reduce the folder count in the memory card.
ERR 04- This error code appears when the memory card gets full. To overcome this problem simply free some space in memory card or format to save new data in it.
ERR 10- It is one of the most common problems of a memory card in Canon camera. To overcome this problem, simply turn OFF the camera and remove the battery. Wait for some time, insert the battery and turn ON the camera again.

There are many problems associated with a memory card that requires formatting a card.
Formatting a memory can be done in two ways-
· Formatting a memory card with a camera- To do this turn ON a camera and press Menu button. Through right arrow button browse through a menu until setup screen appears that includes format. Select the format option using arrows.
· Formatting with a computer- To do this remove the memory card from a camera and insert it into a PC. After inserting into PC go to file explorer. Go to a memory card and tap right click on it. Select the format option from the list and make sure that quick format box is unchecked and click start. Accept the warning window and formatting will start. A progress bar will appear on the screen which indicates a level of completion. Click OK and close the window when the progress bar is completely filled.
After formatting insert the memory card back into the camera

Tips to reduce the memory card problems-
· Never remove the memory card from the camera when it is storing the data.
· Memory card should not be switched out from the camera when it is in ON position.
· Memory card should not be switched out from the camera unnecessary.
· Always use memory cards which are compatible with a camera.

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